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MYSTIC GATES — a tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic

     In this young adult, magical realism series, an ancient Cherokee myth collides with Celtic magic and four contemporary teens.

     The earliest “historical” reference to the Uktena and Ulunsuti — the mythical dragon-serpent and its powerful and magical talisman of the Mystic Gates series — is found in The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake: The Story of a Soldier, Adventurer, and Emissary to the Cherokees, 1756-1765. Lt. Timberlake was a Virginian officer who volunteered on a peace mission to live among the Cherokee people, or Ani-Yunwiya. While staying with the Cherokees, he discovered that one Ulunsuti remained, hidden and controlled by two women, and the conjurer who had captured the talisman.

     Within the “fictional” world of the Mystic Gates series, those three human beings were the first generation of Ulunsuti Holders.

    Mystic Gates Books for teens weave the story of the thirteenth generation — the last-chance generation who can reverse the prophecy. The last chance generation who can break the curse . . . the last chance for all human beings.

This tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic is whispered through the trees.

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In Book 1, Dead Moon Awakens, the daughter of a Celtic witch escapes from a children’s home with three diverse teens she’s mysteriously drawn to on a quest to find her mother. 




In Book 2, Dazzling Moon Smothers, Aishling and her diverse friends struggle to come together again and search for the magical talisman. But now, each of them harbors a secret, a secret the others can never discover.


Aishling’s World


Learn more about the main characters of the series, Aishling, Lance, Morrigan, and Kelile.

Also, explore the world of Celtic magic, Cherokee myth, earth-based traditions and faery lore.

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What are the Mystic Gates?


Learn about the mystic gates and

The Book of Gates, the series grimoire. Youll also discover how to find theportal on my website that leads to excerpts of the grimoire. 


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Mystic Gates Glossary


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